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The guys from Morozov Renovations did an excellent job and super fast - they were in and out in 5 days! Very important since the kitchen is the busiest room in the house. They showed up when they said they would and the price was exactly what they said it would be. The floor is beautiful, tiles and grout lines lined up perfectly and no lippage. They even took the time to silence a squeaky part of the floor that had annoyed us for years. They were flexible with the price - adjusting for things that I wanted to do myself (re-installing the toilet, appliances, shoe molding, etc...). I supplied the tile and grout and they did the rest - including all new cement board underlayment. They beat home depot by $2,000! I'd hire them again without hesitation.

11/18/2016 – Michael P

Two Bathrooms: 
They remodeled both bathrooms in my condo, including the larger master.  From what I can judge, the quality of the work is superb and absolutely no shortcuts were taken.  

This job, I think, was complicated because I was custom redesigning both bathrooms (with a custom-made shower in one bathroom, and bathtub installation in the other), including by incorporating wall designs and using multiple tiles.  The person also helped me on the spot with the specifics of this design pattern after I explained what I sort-of had in mind, and he suggested that I make other changes to the plan (like making the shower bigger), which have all turned out to be perfect.  The walls were also not entirely straight (older building), but they managed to make everything look too good. 

In the end, what I did was select the materials and the work was done over a couple of days while I was at work - and no dirt whatsoever was left or seen anywhere in my Condo or building.  From a timing perspective, I actually created problems for them because of plumbing issues I had going on in the bathroom.  They made absolutely no problems because I essentially lost 
them time, as they had to come back another time to finish the job. 

Kitchen floor: 
This was I think a more straightforward job, of laying tiles on the kitchen floor.  I am equally super happy with the outcome as well. 

I am done replacing my tiles now, and people (and even I still) do have a "wow" reaction when they enter either of my bathrooms, and the kitchen :)  I most sincerely recommend Mr. Morozov and his team.  Mr. Morozov is very professional and no-nonsense, and he and his small team are genuinely hardworking and skilled at their trade.

10/29/2016 – Vladimir I

They redid our full basement and did a wonderful job. They were prompt, clean, and very easy to work with. We will def use them again. They did a fabulous job!

10/28/2016 – Jenna F

Stanley- did a great job.  He had originally installed a new shower for us a few months ago (which is still great by the way) and at the time i didn't think we needed a dedicated light in the shower.  We changed our mind.  I called him up and he stopped by a few days later and did all the work soup to nuts in about an hour.  Cleaned up great and we were good to go.  I wouldn't hesitate to use him for any job big or small.

10/27/2016 – Richard D

I have used this provider previously for tiling work, and now decided to refresh color of my walls. They showed up on time, left things clean, and delivered beautifully repainted walls in agreed timelines. 

10/27/2016 – Aleksandr P

We have used Stanley and his crew on a previous project which was why we had no reservations with using them again. They are easy to work with, knowledgeable, and do what they say they will do. They offer solutions when unforeseen obstacles arise. They show up on time and handle the job from start to finish. We are pleased with our renovation and would use them on future projects.

06/13/2016 – Jason S

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